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HoPoLanCo: Sneak Peek First Friday

2010 November 4
by Dawn

Some of the cages are dismantled and the painting has begun! We’ll be working during First Friday and may even have a small selection of wares for sale if all goes smoothly tomorrow!  At the VERY least we should be ready to give Lancaster a taste of what we’ll have to offer.

Phone and internet are to be installed next week so Look for us to be up and running in some capacity next weekend! Tell your friends and loved ones, to stop by and say hello, ok?

Hollie is going to soon establish a facebook page and sooner or later we’ll have a HoPoLanCo blog and more. What fun it is! New consignors are on board and my steadfast awesome ones are beginning to bring in wares. We have a rough idea of our hours, but will have more for you at a later date.

Thanks all!


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