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Guess Who’s Been Nominated for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year!!

2010 October 25
by Dawn

Hello to all our HoPoCo, loyal customers, Twitterati, facebook friends and all our business buddies!

Well, I have a little announcement to make and then a HUGE favor to ask of all YOU!  I have been nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year for 2011. Yeah. Wow. I am simply flabbergasted. Our friend Kristen Zellner of Abrams and Weakley General Store for Animals was the Central PA Winner last year!  Kristen and her team raised some insane amount of money to go on and win 2010 Woman of the Year for Central PA! Kristen, in her mad, crazy, what the heck was SHE thinkin’ nominated yours truly.  As one of the nominees, it is my duty to raise as much moola as possible to contribute to a cure for the myriad of blood cancers known as Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. As one of the nominees, it is also my sworn duty to pull in as MANY of my friends as possible to HELP to raise some crazy, never before seen amount of contributions!  You know The HodgePodgery.  You KNOW we are going to have a FABULOUS time doing this!  We will kick fund raising BUTT!!

I am currently building a team of people to help in the HoPo’s campaign. These individuals are dynamic in so many different ways and I simply cannot wait to see what they come up with!  I am also really looking forward to meeting the Boy and Girl of the Year…You  know how the HoPo loves sharing creativity with the young ‘uns! These cool kids are going to have a busy time ahead of them!  I think they will be the toast of the town, so get ready to celebrate life!

The 2011 campaign kicks off February 24th and runs to April 21st.
We will be gearing up and getting our fundraisers planned out and ready to go, so that when the 8 week fund drive starts, we will be goin’ out there a hellin’!

If you or your business would like to be one of  The HoPo’s sponsors, I’d love to hear from you!  Like The HodgePodgery, this is a joint effort among the most amazing people I know.  I would like to have members of my team from all over Central PA, but of course, we will take donations from all over the world!!  There will be a webpage set up that you can direct people to that will accept donations directly….BEGINNING February 24th. No money can be accepted prior to the kick off date, so start saving your pennies now!!

In donating your time, money and/or talent, not only are you helping to find cures for the various blood cancers, you directly touch the lives of cancer patients and their families. I really don’t know a soul who has not known someone affected by some form of cancer.  Personally my losses have been great. Living the day to day is important. Bringing hope, peace of mind, financial assistance, and education to families affected NOW is just as important as cures in the future. I am honored, inspired and eager to help raise awareness, as well as dollars.

So.  Watch for some really cool, rocking things this spring: craft events, art auctions, concerts, fashion shows, food events and who the heck knows WHAT else we will come up with!

The gauntlet is thrown, help me to win this challenge!

Peace, Love and HoPo Karma!

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