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Grand Opening for HoPoLanCo at the STAHR Center

2010 November 23
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by Dawn

December 3rd’s First Friday will be the official Grand Opening of The HodgePodgery in Lancaster!  Join us for some nibbles and check out all the wares from our core artists as well as new!  The space Hollie has created for us in our humble basement abode is coming along quite nicely! The cages have been put to great use and soon she will start on a mural to coordinate with the fabulous floor she painted!

First Friday always brings cool funky things to the STAHR center! Located at 438 N Queen St in Lancaster PA, join us downstairs in the “basement”and check out the newly cleared out Garage performance space where Loretta Bilieax will have her CD Release party. Check THIS out to get a taste of Loretta and Chad’s gig. I’m sure you’ll be digging on this indie performer’s sound!

Also that night on the main floor Theater of the Seventh Sister/Artistic Village hosts The Season Through the Ages by The Susquehanna Trio. Lest we forget,  Dec 9th thru the 30th TSS performs A Christmas Carol…pay what you will for a truly divine Christmas gift.

As you stroll through the STAHR center, realize that what’s really needed to keep this space moving into the realm of awesomeness that it promises is VOLUNTEERS! Donations of time, supplies and cash money needs contributed to beautify and green the building!  A call to arms, dear friends, to donate some time to paint floors, walls and ceilings, build storage, fix windows, clean drains, seal walls, and all sorts of cool stuff.  Artists, in exchange for your help, there is gallery space available for you to hang a show.

Get in touch. Let’s show them how much we appreciate being given this unique opportunity!  All kinds of help to fit all kinds of free time is needed.

Have a great Thanksgiving and know that we love and are thankful for you all!  Without our HoPoCo, our faithful friends and supporters, we would be nowhere!

Peace, Love, and HoPo Karma,


HoPoLanCo: Sneak Peek First Friday

2010 November 4
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by Dawn

Some of the cages are dismantled and the painting has begun! We’ll be working during First Friday and may even have a small selection of wares for sale if all goes smoothly tomorrow!  At the VERY least we should be ready to give Lancaster a taste of what we’ll have to offer.

Phone and internet are to be installed next week so Look for us to be up and running in some capacity next weekend! Tell your friends and loved ones, to stop by and say hello, ok?

Hollie is going to soon establish a facebook page and sooner or later we’ll have a HoPoLanCo blog and more. What fun it is! New consignors are on board and my steadfast awesome ones are beginning to bring in wares. We have a rough idea of our hours, but will have more for you at a later date.

Thanks all!


HoPoLanCo Update

2010 October 28
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by Dawn

The HodgePodgery is opening a NEW SHOP in Lancaster, PA! We will be in suite B-7 (B meaning basement) of the Stahr Center at 438 N Queen St. The building is the former Armory for the National Guard and for the past few years has housed Theater of the Seventh Sister. The theater purchased the building and the goal is to convert it from a cold institutional building to a way cool green building! We will also share the basement with Lancaster Creative Reuse and The Artist Studio as well as a recording studio and a ballet studio.

This coming weekend we are looking for volunteers to help move some things over, help us tear down some cages (yes…I said cages) and paint floors!!  The artists next door have turned the halls and bathroom into really beautiful, funky space.

We hope to have at the very least, a PRESENCE for Lancaster’s First Friday: Nov 5th.

We are looking for HoPoCo to be part of the co-op atmosphere in both the Lancaster and the existing Harrisburg shops.  If you want to learn how we do things, get out of the house and workshop and truly hear what customers are saying when they walk through the door, we encourage you to contact us with your availability.  We would love to have you! We will have current consignors as well as some new ones.

If all goes well, the Lancaster HoPo will be full tilt boogie by Mid-November for the main shopping season!


Close To The Heart Charm Class

2010 October 26
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by Jessica

Title: Close To The Heart Charm Class
Location: The HoPo Harrisburg
Link out: Click here
Description: see link below for more info
Start Time: 02:00
Date: 2010-11-07
End Time: 05:00

Guess Who’s Been Nominated for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year!!

2010 October 25
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by Dawn

Hello to all our HoPoCo, loyal customers, Twitterati, facebook friends and all our business buddies!

Well, I have a little announcement to make and then a HUGE favor to ask of all YOU!  I have been nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year for 2011. Yeah. Wow. I am simply flabbergasted. Our friend Kristen Zellner of Abrams and Weakley General Store for Animals was the Central PA Winner last year!  Kristen and her team raised some insane amount of money to go on and win 2010 Woman of the Year for Central PA! Kristen, in her mad, crazy, what the heck was SHE thinkin’ nominated yours truly.  As one of the nominees, it is my duty to raise as much moola as possible to contribute to a cure for the myriad of blood cancers known as Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. As one of the nominees, it is also my sworn duty to pull in as MANY of my friends as possible to HELP to raise some crazy, never before seen amount of contributions!  You know The HodgePodgery.  You KNOW we are going to have a FABULOUS time doing this!  We will kick fund raising BUTT!!

I am currently building a team of people to help in the HoPo’s campaign. These individuals are dynamic in so many different ways and I simply cannot wait to see what they come up with!  I am also really looking forward to meeting the Boy and Girl of the Year…You  know how the HoPo loves sharing creativity with the young ‘uns! These cool kids are going to have a busy time ahead of them!  I think they will be the toast of the town, so get ready to celebrate life!

The 2011 campaign kicks off February 24th and runs to April 21st.
We will be gearing up and getting our fundraisers planned out and ready to go, so that when the 8 week fund drive starts, we will be goin’ out there a hellin’!

If you or your business would like to be one of  The HoPo’s sponsors, I’d love to hear from you!  Like The HodgePodgery, this is a joint effort among the most amazing people I know.  I would like to have members of my team from all over Central PA, but of course, we will take donations from all over the world!!  There will be a webpage set up that you can direct people to that will accept donations directly….BEGINNING February 24th. No money can be accepted prior to the kick off date, so start saving your pennies now!!

In donating your time, money and/or talent, not only are you helping to find cures for the various blood cancers, you directly touch the lives of cancer patients and their families. I really don’t know a soul who has not known someone affected by some form of cancer.  Personally my losses have been great. Living the day to day is important. Bringing hope, peace of mind, financial assistance, and education to families affected NOW is just as important as cures in the future. I am honored, inspired and eager to help raise awareness, as well as dollars.

So.  Watch for some really cool, rocking things this spring: craft events, art auctions, concerts, fashion shows, food events and who the heck knows WHAT else we will come up with!

The gauntlet is thrown, help me to win this challenge!

Peace, Love and HoPo Karma!

October 15th 3rd in The Burg- Fairies and Monsters Costume Face Painting

2010 October 4
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by Jessica

Fairies and Monsters
Costume Face Painting Extravaganza and
Magic Sparkles Pixie Hair Strands

October 15th from 5-10pm

Face painting $3.00 and Up
10 pixie strands for $5
20 pixie strands for $10.

Halloween is quickly approaching and ‘tis the time of year to adorn ourselves in festive makeup and attire. Grab your friends and join us at The HoPo for an evening of face painting fun.

This event is kid friendly as well as adults! What better way to head out on the town, but with some sparkles or gore?! You could surprise a Friday night date with a festive look or bring the kiddos down for some face paiting before a sleepover party! Whatever your heart desires, come to The HoPo for our Fairies and Monsters Face Painting Extravaganza!

Walk on in to have your face painted or call ahead for groups of 5 or more!

Make your Pixie Strand Appointment by calling

717 236-0150

**Magic Sparkles are gifts from the pixies of timelessness. For every sparkle delicately tied to a strand of hair, a wish is made. When your wish is granted, the sparkle will fall free though some may take weeks or months to come true. An array of color, plentiful as rainbows is at your fingertips.**

20% of all Pixie Strand purchases will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania

The Proposal #HoPoLanCo

2010 October 4
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by Dawn

Heads up faithful followers.  Today, we put a proposal in for a spot in Lancaster for a second location. We will keep you posted.  The space is in a unique building, with some rather interesting things in store. Keep your fingers crossed that they want us to be part. So much potential, and you KNOW we believe in potential! We have a lot of work to do to get things in motion as soon as we have the YAY. It is on the 400 block of North Queen St, so as always we are right on the edge, expanding boundaries. The vibes are really good. It is an interesting situation, but we KNOW we can count on you to help make it the place to be! Watch for more news, right here!

Peace, Love, HoPo!


September 26th – Vinyl Record Clock Make and Take

2010 September 26
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by Jessica


Make Your Own Vinyl Record Clock
Lego Charm Bracelet

September 26th 12-5pm

On September 26th come down to the HodgePodgery and meet the artisans behind Cutmucker Crafts and Criative Kids! They will be debuting their new line of vinyl record jewelry, and doing make and takes with record clocks and lego jewelry. Cutmucker Crafts will have LPs and 45s ready for you to personalize into your very own wall or desk clock, and Criative Kids will have everything you need to make your own lego necklace or charm bracelet. We will also be accepting special orders. If you have a record that you want to be made into one of their products, bring it with you.
Price List- GREAT DEALS! These are $5 off retail price!!
Wall Clock ONLY $20
Desk Clock ONLY $15
Lego jewelry necklace or bracelet ONLY $2.00 (plain chain)
Lego Charms are .50 each

Cutmucker will also debut some new items for sale including vinyl cuff bracelets,
a whole new line of jewelry and pencil holders.

This event is KID friendly. Pack up the family and come out and have fun! Please make a reservation if you have a group by calling 717 236-0150

For More information on the Harrisburg Gallery Walk and Participating locations,click on the links below!


The HoPo Road Show takes a Hiatus

2010 September 20
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by Dawn

I know it’s only been a few short months, and we were getting decent interest, however, as in many cases City Government has quashed the fun. Due to city requirements that ALL VENDORS large and small, must have a Mercantile license, Vendor License and zoning permit if they intend to participate in TWO or more events within the city, we must take a break from trying to bring something fun and exciting to Midtown’s Broad Street Market. Many of the crafters and artists who wanted to participate have found it intimidating to fill out the various forms for the licensing.  Although the $110 or so a year is not a huge amount, if you are are a crafter and are doing shows in a variety of places each year, added to the table fees, you could be putting out more than you bring in. We, of course can pay a general fee for “transient vendors” if they are only doing a single show in the city of Harrisburg within a calendar year. For us, we would want our vendors to come back again and again. Although the city did offer to give us a break on the monthly transient licenses, it still required each individual vendor to jump through the hoops and paperwork. The interest in participating in a new venue that could not promise a huge turn out and having to lay out $110 to the city for the privilege of doing business within it’s boundaries, discouraged many a potential participant.

Thanks to all who gave it a try and thanks to all who helped promote!  Watch for The HoPo Road Show in it’s original form to be doing outside events in 2011.

October 17th- Tie Dye Make and Take Spectacular!!!

2010 August 26
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by Jessica

So cool we are doing it again!!

Tie Dye Spectacular

October 17th


With Sierra Lush



Mix and match colors to create your own tie dyed garment!
$5.00 to dye your own item from home 
Purchase items to tie dye from the list below


Clothing prices are as follows:
Adult Tshirt $10.00
Kids Tshirt $10.00
Onesie $9.00
Bandana $8.00 

Sierra is a graduate of Mansfield University and has taken graduate classes at Mansfield University, University of the Arts, and Messiah College.  She is an elementary art teacher for the West Shore School District.  Her passion is art and she has dabbled in just about every medium.

Come on out and bring your friends…it’ll be fun! This activity is kid-friendly. If you have a small group, please call and make a reservation! 717 236-0150.
717 236-0150